Obsolete Asset Management

How can you easily integrate the monitoring of obsolete assets in your strategic processes ?

Who are we ?

With over thirty years, we have acquired a strong expertise in IT operation management.

  • Production management
  • Transformation Program
  • C Level Advisory and Strategic consultation

Obsolescence management has become one of the major challenges in the management of information systems. OBSOLAB will be able to provide any organization with a solution to simplify the monitoring and reporting process of obsolete assets.

Furthermore ?

What are the main resistances that OBSOLAB will allow your organization to overcome?

OBSOLAB carries out all the recurring tasks for your teams to have an effective reporting and process to all assets.

  • 01 It might be complicated to use ......

    Actually it is the other way around, OBSOLAB is designed to have all the necessary so your organization sees no complexity!.

  • Correct! OBSOLAB does all the work that makes your analysis of obsolescence sustainable. As a result, the teams save valuable time and will able to work on priority tasks.

  • As it is the case because the day-to-day operation often takes the lead on quality. So we have designed a methodology taking your current data and OBSOLAB learns to work with it.

  • YES, If you want to communicate clearly and effectively managed the obsolete assets throughout your organization. If you want to refine your strategy, If you want to defend your budgets or If you want to protect your business from cyber attacks... Then, YES OBSOLAB is right for you!!


The level of obsolescence of IT Infrastructure is already critical! How much more time do you have to react?

Our team has conducted a study with 10 companies for a total of over 200,000 Assets. The results are similar with an trend of obsolescence as follows:

2020 60%
2021 70%
2022 75%
2023 85%


OBSOLAB offers your organization the opportunity to have a detailed and interactive reporting that brings together all the elements allowing you to decide and anticipate.

Your teams

OBSOLAB minimizes the workload required from your teams

OBSOLAB handles 100% of the process

VWith OBSOLAB, your Teams can focus on the content of your reports without wasting time on building reports.

What about time?

Your process becomes transparent to any organizational or staff changes.


OBSOLAB SaaS solution always protects your data.

Let's talk!

LObsolescence is a difficult domain to manage. Feel free to contact us to discuss Obsolescence in your organization.

Dashboards or Cockpit

OBSOLAB provides any organization a clear and action-oriented vision.

  • All
  • Reporting
  • detailed analysis
  • Risks


Technical Debt growth

Simply see the impact of the effort


Yearly trend by technology


Yearly trend by technology


View the data centers impact of obsolescence

Yours plans

Budget, Spent, Deadlines, Investment, all at a glance


Navigation screens to better anticipate and react.


Highlight financial, security and operational risks


Point of time projecting the number of assets trending over time.


Risk summary

The team

30 years of operational experience

Philippe Dorvillers


Philippe brings experience to tackle obsolescence

Théo Luirard

Product Manager

Theo is in charge with his team of continuous improvement of our software solution

Cyril Szenberg


For the availability and security of our infrastructure, it's him!

Didier Théron

Director of Operations

Didier and his team provide the service of data analysis.

Arnaud De Lagabbe

Directeur Commercial hors USA

He might call you!! It's for your own good, he listens to you to understand your needs

Philippe Casciola

Commercial Director USA

Working with the USA allows us to add up the best of both worlds

How to estimate your budget

Our rates are based on the number of hosts operating systems whether they are hosted in physical or virtual environments. This rate includes the processing of all your assets except office and workstations.

You have less than 2000 OS

50K$first Year


35K$following years

Get Started

You have less than 8000 OS

110K$first Year


80K$following years

Get Started

VYou have less than 15,000 OS

165K$first Year


120K$following years

Get Started

You have more than 15,000 OS

Requestfirst Year


Requestfollowing years

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Your most common questions

A few questions we are often asked!

  • Is it a software solution? Or a service offer

    OBSOLAB offers an obsolescence tracking service; it manages the entire process to allow your organization to have a clear and multi-year reporting. OBSOLAB software solution is designed in SaaS mode to access the data.

  • There is a fee for the first year that includes setting up the process, your platform and integrating your data and specifics. During this first year we will make two updates of your data. In the following years we charge for data loading and analysis (at a rate of 3 times a year).

  • Only your company can connect to the platform dedicated to you. You can also connect to it through dedicated and secure posts. Collected data is encrypted end to end.

  • 2 modes: Our Team collects and import your data into OBSOLAB or your organization send the data directly to OBSOLAB via a security connection.

  • Two to three months.

  • OBSOLAB will accommodate any specificities of your organization. You can interact with end-of-life dates by overloading the dates we offer. We insert with you all the risks after workshops by technical area. We create sanctuaries with you that allow you to take some of your assets out of the analyses.


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